IXION – Beginner Tips to Crew and Power Management

So, since many seem to be struggling with the proper storage management, and crew management in case of accidents, etc., here a small array of tips for early game.

Crew and Power Management Tips for Newbies

  • Don’t overstore, rather build stuff you know you will need, and set to unpowered state before it gets finished (It still counts towards specialization bonus). Once you need it and have prepared the power and people you need, simply pull the switch on it.
  • That especially counts before leaving a sector that still has considerable amounts of Iron and such remaining. Build, then restock to full on everything, before jumping.
  • Shuffle enabling and disabling required buildings, as responses to accidents, or even better: prior to accidents happening. If you have 3 cryo storages full, and one half way, disable the three full ones and only leave the “open” one going. Saves you people and power. Same goes for any other building. Power buildings on and off as you need them. No sense in keeping those electronics storages running, if you are not building anything producing or requiring them. Stuff will remain safely stored, it will just not get shipped to or from. Same goes for functional buildings. If you surveyed the whole sector, shut those probe launchers down.
  • One building you should not power down, however, if you can avoid it, is the science building. It will produce one science point every 30 cycles. That sounds horribly long, but if you strip mine every sector you come across, that pays off. In case of manpower requirements, short term, in case of accidents or whatever it is ofc fair game, Upgraded the science output becomes even more important.
  • Just keep in mind, this is not a game where you can build a building and then forget about it. Crew management is a thing, and powering down the right building at the right time, will prevent any negative impacts from happening.
  • Last: Don’t rush out of a system. If you do, you will get crushed. Take your time to get all points of interest, all important resource nodes, etc. scanned and taken care of, before you leave. Use your probes in first level.

I hope this helps some people to get better in dealing with what the game throws at them.

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