Shadows Over Loathing – Longerfellow’s Padlock Combinations

Spoilers Ahead!

Padlock Combinations

There are two padlocks that uses both the same date (january 4th 1845), but uses two different formats.

The first one is “maritime plus” (YY-DM-DM but reversed so: MD-MD-YY), roughtly translated into: “530014” (this is the solution for the first padlock).

The second one is trickier, because it calls in others date formats + other 2 date entries. in the end: the solution is always the same date from before (january 4th 1845), but it uses one of the new formats, named “paddle accademy standard” (DY-MD-YM), roughtly translated into: “040154” (this is the solution for the toilets’s padlock).


Apparently the game uses a WRONG combination for the second padlock (the toilet’s padlock). theoretically it should be “paddle accademy standard” (DY-MD-YM) for january 4th 1845, that roughtly translates into: “040451”, but apparently this isn’t the combination.

There is an error within the puzzle, basicly the developers mistaken day and month, in the code section XX-MD-XX, writing XX-01-XX (thats wrong, it wants the first number of the month “0”, and then wants the second number of the day “4”) instead of XX-04-XX, the second number of the second column wants DAY, not MONTH.

You guys should still use 040154 as the toilet’s padlock combination, but in reality is wrong.

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