UBOAT – How to Sneak Out Nelson Battleship Mission

Tips to Sneak Out

  • Blue light and turn off gyrothingie.
  • Have them do damage control of you see them loading/doing maintenance on a torpedo.
  • Set your leaders to command.
  • Get as close as you can to the seabed.
  • Stop moving if you get pinged.
  • If you are getting pinged a lot go full speed ahead and get ready for evasive manuevers.

If you’re pinged once dont panic just yet. If you followed the above steps they might not get a return signal from that ping. If you’re getting pinged repeatedly then they probably have your location. I was reading a destroyer/escort website and it said that the optimal pattern for depth charge drop is to drop them in a line perpendicular to the path the sub is taking. Reason is this makes it hard for the sub to evade the depth charges because left turn, right turn or straight ahead they are gonna get by depth charges no matter what. If the escort is on a parallel path with you either coming at you or coming at you from behind supposedly this depth charge pattern is easier to evade. I believe you want to turn 90 degrees and head away.

There is also something that subs can do which is called creating a “knuckle” in the water. What you do is when an escort is behind you while moving at a pretty decent speed you turn your rudder full to one side then full to the opposite side. This creates a disturbance in the wake behind you which makes it difficulty for sonar to detect you. I dont know if this behavior is actually modeled in game.

When i fire a salvo of torpedoes i usually tell my leaders that were on periscopes to go to command station. Then i turn on the blue light if its not already on. Then i give the order to dive to the ocean floor or 150 meters. Then i give the order to turn away full rudder. Then i give the order to move at a speed i think is appropriate. Full speed at first then i slow to forward 1 right before torpedo impact.

Note: Another thing worth mentioning is that an escort right above you shouldn’t be able to track you on sonar because this is their dead zone/minimum sonar range. Also if you are behind them they cant hear you because their propeller noise drowns out your noise. And lastly depth charges if you notice makes all your sonar contacts go away. This same thing happens to the escorts too since the depth charge explosions makes it hard to hear noise from your sub. So take advantage of that.

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