UBOAT – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

In this quick tutorial, you can find the most common and useful cheat codes for the UBOAT game.

How to Enable Console (Dev Mode)

Just press the Tilde key [~] on your keyboard!

Console Commands (Cheats)

Note: These commands are case-sensitive so you have to cap the first letter! Also, before moving forward, make careful to close the console.

  • Budget [number] – Add money. Default is 10k.
  • Leak – Create a random leak on your sub.
  • Reputation [number] – Increase reputation points. Default is one point.
  • Skip [number | day, hour, minute, second] – Skip # of segments game time. Default is days. ex = Skip 2 hour, Skip 30 minute, Skip 3 would skip 3 days. Skip 3 day 2 hour 30 minute will only skip 3 days, and ignore the 2 hours, 30 minutes.
  • Teleport [N | E] – Teleport to NE coordinates. Coords can be found using Map. SW are negative.
  • Weather [Fog, Calm, Cloudy, Storm] – Change weather.
  • XP [number] – Add experience to selected crew member. If none selected, gives to all crew boarded. Must be in the crew roster as selected to be a crew member.
  • Spawn [Warships, Convoy, Transport, Submarine] – Spawn enemy groups in front of you.
  • Torpedo – Launch torpedo at selected target, generally from where the mouse cursor is and 500m.
  • Wound – Adds wounds to the selected crew member.
  • Bomb [target] – Use small aerial bomb on selected target. No target selected? Drop bombs on you.
  • Detect [number] – Create random group near your position


When you open the map and position the mouse cursor where you want to go (even when zoomed in on a port while in map mode), open the console, write “Teleport,” hit Enter, and then close the console. You will have been teleported to the spot where the cursor was.

Reopen the console, and the Teleport command should be marked so you can get the locations from that. To duplicate the teleportation coordinates that brought you there, press CTRL-C.

Useful and Safe Teleport Locations

  • Teleport 46.1932 -1.20815 Port La Rochelle
  • Teleport 44.10415 9.84162 Port La Spezia
  • Teleport 60.4068 5.2742 Port Bergen
  • Teleport 54.33636 10.16928 Port of Kiel
  • Teleport 53.50884 8.132637 Port of Wilhelmshaven
  • Teleport 68.97664 33.03889 Port of Murmansk
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