Cross Blitz – Tips on Playing Balance in Tusk Tales

There are alot of good combos to look for besides the obvious redeem the 7/7 early and feed kendos into it.

Playing Balance Tips

Redeeming more of the Merc Nilmi is very strong too, especially if you put good trinkets on her.

Really there are a lot of ways to win though. Anything that Kendo is useful for is omportant. With the base deck, the Contender card is a really easy win condition. You drop it on turn 4 and an existing minion probably dies so now it’s a 3/3, next turn you can drop 2 kendos and it’s a 7/7, and you still have 3 mana to drop Nilmi or something. Or later in the game you can probably have Contender be a 10/10+ the turn you summon it, especially if you’re running some of those cards that can add a lot of Kendos to your hand.

Risshu is very strong too, a normal minion body but huge card advantage that doesn’t even push you closer to fatigue. I usually try to pick up 3/6 of him when he shows up, and then put some good trinkets on him like cost reduction or hothead. If you have Risshus you should never lose from running out of cards or having less card advantage than the opponent.

If you’re not putting +1 attack on Kendo, do that too. And keep as many as you can find in the deck, both the normal card and cards to make it. Using a 2/1 Kendo to kill a 4 hp enemy is a no brainer.

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