Turbo Overkill – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

You’ve found the proper guide if you want to use cheats to make Turbo Overkill simpler. We will assist you in using cheats and obtaining the required in-game items and / or skills.

How to Enable Console

As you might expect, ~ (Tilde) is the key to the console.

Console Commands (Cheats)

  • slomo [value] – Changes the speed of the game, default is 1.
  • zhenme [value] – Sets how much money you want.
  • sas / noclip – Noclip mode.
  • giveall – Gives all weapons and ammo.
  • neverrunout – Never run out of ammo.
  • notrigger – Enemies don’t react to you.
  • tornado – God mode.
  • hidehud / showhud – Does what you’d expect.
  • givekeys – Gives all weapons and keys.

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