Army Men – Cheat Codes

Sick and tired of looking through cheat lists? Then you should choose this! This is a straight, easy, and simple to read guide to Army Men cheats. 

You should have no trouble finishing the campaign thanks to this.

How to Enter Cheat Codes

Press Esc to bring up the options menu while you’re playing the game. Then, enter one of the case-sensitive codes below, and click Back.

All Cheats

  • Win scenario – Triumph
  • Lose scenario – Succumb
  • Full ammo – Plethora
  • Stealth mode – Occultation
  • Invincible sarge – Invulnerable
  • Teleport sarge * – Telekinetic
  • Enable explosions, opponent view, invincible sarge – Kahuna
  • Toggle opponent view – Omnisicient
  • Toggle right button explosion – Pyromancer
  • Full air support – Aeroballistics
  • Opponents paused – Paralysis

* Enter scroll mode, select a destination, then enable this code.

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