Turbo Overkill: Demo – Techchip / Cassette Locations

Where to Find Techchips / Cassettes

Level #1

  1. Right above you when you have to slide under the small gap.
  2. On a beam right above you when entering the room where you learn about the Magnums’ secondary fire.
  3. Right under the beam where you get the Armor.

Level #2

  1. Under water, inside the parking facilities.
  2. On a wharf, on the other side of the building where you get the blue key.

Level #3

  • In an alcove in the shaft above the area where the “No Chainsaws Club entrance is located (you will have to use the bouncing pad located a bit further to get up there and then drop down) .
  • On the subway trails.
  • Press button on 3 lvl and go back, found this door.

Video Walkthrough

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