Travellers Rest – How to Make Money (Early Game)

The real early game is a bit of a grind, not alot of ways around that. the game does snowball once you are a bit more established, so if you push through it gets better.

Early Game Money Tips

On one of the info screens (hit t on the keyboard and its on one of those tabs) you will see your max occupancy. Try and build tables to be able to seat that many at once.

That’s always a good idea, max seating and no employees. You need to plant barley and bitter hops early, collect the free fruit from the trees South of the NPC farm and at the beach to make Ale and age it to the first aging level (or max level if you can) and that 3+ silver per customer makes a big difference. Then you want strawberries, blueberries and wild berries for making that ale once the tree fruit runs out (You only need 1-2 plants of each strawberries and blueberries for this early).

The easiest food to make is seafood using mussels from the West side of the beach, or any seafood you find.

I would ignore fishing, and not do too much farming, until you get more established (Try to save silver so you can do one big planting of everything you need to grow in spring on the 3rd week of spring).

Eventually, early game, you want to end up with hundreds of ale aging while you open every day and serve all the food and ale you have, and then keep serving water. Keep making ale every 6 hours and aging it.

After that, money coming in goes up fast if you can properly upgrade and increase everything. It’s important to collect resources and craft so you can eventually start making distillery products at level 11 (which sell for 5-20 silver each depending on various factors).

When you level up the tavern, go to the altar in the North where you buy recipes and try to find some recipes worth 5+ silver each that you can make with what you have. Around level 10 is when that becomes much easier.

The mid game goal is 50+ customers, no employees (if you can manage it) and you’re serving 5-15 silver drinks and 5-10 silver meals to everyone.

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