Outpost: Infinity Siege – How to B-Ball Properly

How to B-Ball

This location gives you 1 attempt to unlock up to 3 possible rewards. These are unlocked at intervals:

  • Score 5: 1 x Terminal
  • Score 10: 1 x Terminal + above
  • Score 20: Unlocks Container for loot + both above

Tips for doing this would be to get set up before you start. Look for as many power core balls as you can and chuck into the arena ready to pick up to shoot.

Aiming wise I’d recommend copying the video, standing centre and as close as possible to the bars and aim for the silver circle above the target, this almost is the perfect sweet spot to throw at.

If balls get stuck, feel free to jump into the arena and grab them but be quick to save time:

All credit goes to SongsOfRaze!

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  1. Most of the time I get 19 because the balls keep getting stuck and are slow to come down, I did 23 once because I had 5 balls

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