Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost – How to Increase Score (More Spirit)

Tips to Increase Score (More Spirit)

The more spirit you have the more score you will get. But theres more mechanics to get a better score.

One of the game mechanics is that there are type advantages. Every card has a type. Em (shown as a red setting sun), Ro (shown as a yellow halfmoon) and Co (shown as a blue star).

Em is bad against Co. Co is bad against Ro. Ro is bad against Em.

I have fought with a level 20 Ro card against a Ro boss and my ranking was always D. After I tried a level 5 Co card my result improved to a C.

Theres also the effects of the cards and characters that are important. Reimu and some cards give you more score if you reach a certain combo count.

The most important thing should be the card type and spirit.

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