Soulmask – Where and How to Get the Green Crystals

Tips to Get the Green Crystals

Usually the points of interest on map have a chest to loot with crystals in them.

But have to kill either beasts or npc characters guarding it in area – they agro and attack you if get too close so beware.

Usually they hear or see you when get close to area (you can see this as has a small icon – eye for when they are spotting you and ear when they are hearing you).

Usually all attack at once even if only one hears/sees you so be prepared. Not easy to draw just one at a time to fight like other games.

In other words…

If you look at the map (press M) you’ll see questions mark means they have not been discovered they are ruins kill the living creature in there (depends on the ruin’s guardian, there’s beast contains dogs and outcast contains barbarians) or sneak depends on how you approach it, theres always one chest in the locations open it and reap the rewards.

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