Total War: Warhammer III – PC Heat & FPS Performance Issues Fix

How to Fix

The game dont detect your memory correctly on your PC and dont use all the threads that are available.

  • Step 1: Detect your PC RAM and Graphics card memory using DXdiag.
  • Step 2: Use a online GIG converter to KB, to get the correct conversion of KB
  • Step 3: Go into the “preference.script” file and change the following:
installed_main_memory_kb "enter your converted RAM here"
gfx_video_memory "enter the converted GPU memory here"
number_of_threads "enter the number of your threads minus 1 here"
  • Step 4: Cap the FPS to 60, this ain’t a shooter and nothing is gained by letting it run in 144 FPS.

This solve the overheat problem, thanks CA for bad programming, for the rest no more 90 degree PC’s. Particularly useful for high end hardware. Game tested for the average PC not high end consumer.

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