Total War: Warhammer III – Anti Large Tips as Tzeentch

Useful Tips

Kairos vs Oxyotl

Either i jump him directly after he takes that bastion directly west of his capital. That way he is trapped inside the keep and you can freely do that Kairos thing (fly around, cast spells, army losses gg)

Or i make a teleport ambush outside. If he already has the fort and you’re not at war, you can lure at least one of his armies back with “transfer settlement” before declaring war.

With a teleport ambush and a second army to support, use autoresolve and forget about the faction. Even if you need 2 turns to replenish in the new fortress, he won’t recover from losing his main stack.

TBH it’s more annoying when he got into wars with anyone from Lustria, because now you need to attack those just to get your complete home continent.

Advanced Advice

As someone who mains Tzeentch and Bretonnia here’s my advice:

For units id say screamers are your best bet if going vanilla. trash against most infantry, but they actually hold out well against large. if you got the dlcs id say any spear or halbard unit obviously.

Something else you could do is the teleport stance. It instantly makes any battle an ambush battle. Highly recommended. Both because the auto resolve bar goes way up with it, and because ambush battles are easy to win.

Unfortunately lizards will likely be a major thing youll be fighting as kairos. Also, dont forget that you can unlock the make peace ability. If wars get to bad that thing can be a real life saver. Especially early on when you aint got the right tools to actually deal with the dang lizards.

All of Tzeentch’s ranged attacks are ‘flaming’. Your Blue/Pink Fire spells apply the Warpflame debuff (weakness to fire).

You Cultist should also have the Kindleflame passive (more weakness to fire, which stacks with Warpflame).

So basically when you immobilise a big target with Net or Gaze of Fate, Huck a Fireball and a Blue Fire at it to trigger those two debuffs just before your pink horrors fire their volley.

It’s quite a solid damage increase.

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