Crypto Miner Tycoon Simulator – Useful Tips

Expert Tips

DO save often when trends hit their peak highs and lows so you can rewind any Backfired trades where you could have bought more if you waited or made more if you hadn’t.

DO NOT waste money on anything you don’t need at the EXACT MOMENT of usage. Early on, wear can cut into your profits if you get into the habit of over-purchasing and re-selling the unused items. It is a marginally small loss if you are making millions, but will hit like a brick with anything less.

DO Hire MANY Experts. I had 10 running constantly from the moment it became relevant when I had Expert Scouting unlocked. It may seem like a money sink at first, but just use the Hype tactics in combination with the Save/Reload on failed trades and you will have the first of 3 unlocks in no time. Think I had mine in about a year/half after I increased to 20 Experts.

DO NOT make any trades less than MAXIMUM Allotment allowed. The numbers matter more when you are trading in Bulk. ONLY EVER MAKE SMALL TRADES TO STAY OUT OF DEBT!!! An easy thing you can do is set the Auto-Sell and Pay Bills option if you don’t care about perfect gains.

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