Torchlight – Tips For Very Hard Difficulty Mode

Very Hard Difficulty Mode Tips

Tips and Tricks

For a Vanquisher, explosive shot is good skill, spam it and blow things up. A Haste scroll is a great spell, it really help you kite. Defensive Spell Mastery will help extend the buff so you don’t have to constantly recast. For cheese, you can toss Flechette traps inside rooms and let them kill things while you hang back out of Line of Sight (good for dealing with nasty threats).

For Very Hard difficulty you can try grinding previous content for more exp. Outleveling the content helps a lot. Don’t use random maps from vendors, instead go back to old content in mines and clear quickly. The floors will reset after you clear a certain number of floors and you still get good exp from quickly grinding these lower level floors. I usually avoid Phase Portals, it’s always scaled to your level which can be nasty in Very Hard (never ever go into one on Hardcore Very Hard).

Use gold to enchant your gear (keep backups in case of item wipes) and gamble/vendor shop for upgrades. Gambler is expensive but can sometimes give you some nice stuff. Make sure you to keep your weapon upgraded, killing things fast keeps them from being able to kill you.

When dying maybe just respawn on that floor or something. Don’t recall death penalties as being too harsh.

Very hard gives you a pretty good challenge. Wait till you can get to the last dungeon through lol, makes the rest of the game on Very Hard feel like easy mode.

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