(the) Gnorp Apologue – Collection Has Stalled Out at 80-90G

The Solution

I was stalled on ~90G for a while trying different micro changes. What ended up pushing me over the hump was quickly changing arrows from Zybe -> Ice -> Fire -> Zybe timed with every other attack from the Baby Drones.

With Popcorn and Frostfire this generates a crazy spike right next to the stash (which seems to ignore range modifiers), which cuts down on how far your runners have to move, thus more collection (and even with this I still had some running past the spike, I guess cause there was no room, which kept Motivation active regardless to keep Baby Drone damage up).

Ended up maxing at ~125G before killing the run:

I had Runners set to the Mountaineer inspiration and at like 125 units with ~60 capacity and maxed GEET (I think this helped me get a good collection rate while stalling in compression 9, saves a lot of movement especially with Zygnorp inspiration since I didn’t have many Mountaineers active then, I was holding steady at ~11G collection by the end and not even getting 25% pile height while stalling).

Bombers set to the Zygnorp inspiration with +2 in timeshift and at 400 units (I think I should have made more Runners after like 250-300, but it also helps with Zybe arrow rate; I think I also should have done +3 in timeshift, I used my last zybe on a 4th Zygnorp but they literally couldn’t even keep up with my runners).

I obviously idled for like a solid week to get all the gnorps, went to compression 10 at 35 drones. 100G collection was the original goal but I ended up needing ~115 for the talent point so I went for that.

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