TEKKEN 8 – Training Tips for Newbies

This tips is aimed at people that actually want to get good at the game, not those who just play for a week and then move on to the next game.

New Players Tips for Training

  • A big mistake many players make is that they don’t actually practice basic execution.
  • And with basic I mean really really basic.
  • Punishes for example. They just know a move is, say for example, -15 on block and they know they can launch punish -15 moves, but they never actually practiced blocking it and then launch punishing it. So even though they know, in an actual match they will miss the chance for a full combo every time.
  • People practice perfect electrics and taunt jet uppers and all the really difficult stuff for hours and hours, but they completely neglect also practicing the most fundamental of executions.
  • The same is true for moves or strings you can duck or sidestep.
  • Or slow moves like snage edges you can actually react to.
  • Knowledge alone isn’t enough, you need to get it into your muscle memory so you can get your reward in the real match.
  • Tekken 8 unlike Tekken 7 is really making the use of practice mode alot more comfortable, so do yourself a favor and don’t neglect the basic stuff for the flashy hard stuff.
  • Just a few minutes a day of practicing your block/string punishment and your rank will be skyrocketing.

Bonus tip

  • Don’t hesitate to try out other characters, even ones you have no intention of playing at all, just to see their movelist and what they are capable of so you know when they are open for counters/launchers etc…
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