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Tips for Emperor’s Collection Achievement and Yeti


I was missing two treasures needed for the achievement, which I mistakenly believed HAD to be the two missing Yeti photos, since they were more “base game” type treasures that were in the game longer. Note that I do not have the usual suspects, IE the shrunken head and feather among other misc missing treasures. Conveniently, during this run I had gone to the Archipelago and discovered two treasures that I had not seen before, so I got the achievement at the 4th expedition rather than when I eventually found the yeti in the same run. To emphasize, unless my copy of RE:IS is weird (and excluding the Halloween treasures), any old treasures count towards the achievement. Theoretically, you could just avoid a specific expedition and still get the achievement . Though I wouldn’t recommend that.


With regard to Yeti hunting, I’m glad this thread existed to give some hints, but there are still a couple caveats that might help any future explorers.

Firstly, it took me two playthroughs to ultimately find the Yeti, even though I was on Discovery mode. My first playthrough I completed the 4th expedition and saved after making all the preparations on the main map. I went to Shangri-La, found Mount Kailish and reloaded. The second time around on this first playthrough I got Mount Kailish a second time. I then reloaded but confusingly I just kept getting the same second Mount Kailish map. I tried buying more entourage members, buying and selling certain items, but nothing changed the map a third time.

Secondly, on my second playthrough I also found Mount Kailish again, but upon reloading the second time I was able to get the Yeti spawn. I saved before the first move on the map, so I decided to do a test run and see where I would “have to not go”, and I would have needed to essentially go to Shangri-La, and then back to spawn to get the yeti Mountain, with no Shambala keys in between. Very unforgiving.

Thirdly, despite this setback I was willing to go through with it anyway, but upon reloading I was able to find the tracks rather than get caught in the net, and it lead me to the same hunting area near Shangri-La, however this time the Yeti mountain was in a much better spot to the north of the map rather than all the way to the left at spawn. So perhaps Yeti Mountain’s spawn point is tied to whether you use the woman or the tracks to locate the Yeti, OR you can reload to change the location of Yeti Mountain.

Lastly, if you save directly before Yeti Mountain, you can complete the game getting one picture, reload, and get the other picture(s) by completing the game again. I was worried this wouldn’t be the case, and I’m not sure whether you even need to actually complete the game to “get” the treasure.


TL;DR = Based on my experienceI think all non-Halloween treasures count towards the Emperor’s Collection achievement. Playing on Discovery to find the Yeti, you may only have one “reroll” of the map per playthrough on discovery. Yeti Mountain spawn can be really unforgiving. Yeti Mountain spawn may be linked to whether you use the woman or the tracks, or alternatively it can be reloaded (unknown) amount of times to change the location.

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