Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

What class and skills to pick

I would start from strider for roll capability (invulnerability for a short time) and his bow, which will allow shot flying enemies.

What companions to choose from

There are a lot to choose from i would recommend to have 1 mage with fire boon(against harpies, undead, saurians etc and lightning boon against cyclops). Inclunations are a big part of a choice cause if you a close quarters fighter then picking up a mage with inlination “guardian” will be a big mistake. Exploit weaknesses so that pawn learn too.

How to avoid rage quit moments and else

  • The faster you will learn how to exploit weaknesses/stagger/ko system the easier it will be.
  • You can always choose easy difficulty.
  • Repick pawn, cause rental ones dont level up.
  • You can download dinput for DDDA so you could save scum tough situations.
  • Use friends overpowered pawns (although game becomes too easy).
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