Tamarak Trail – Useful Tips and Tricks (Demo)

There are some key things to get familiar with here that will give you an advantage & help you survive the trails.

Tips and Tricks


Before you hop into the demo, a quick note about localization. Although the full version of the game will support multiple languages at launch, this demo is available in English only for now. We hope to have a localized version available soon! Please note that once the localized versions are available – they are not fully QA localized. You may encounter some bugs/issues regarding localization that should be fixed pre-launch.

From the Main Menu

  • The Lodge: Here’s where you’ll purchase permanent upgrades for future runs; Unlock Puzzle encounters, increase gold gained, and more!
  • Hero: This is where you’ll choose what Hero you wish to play as during the run. The demo currently includes two of the three Heroes, the Detective & the Magician:
    • The Detective: The starting Hero; Varied abilities of this character lets you make a build best suited to your personal playstyle. Focus on one set of abilities, like bleed, to make your foes bleed over time, or try to find a balance and be prepared for any type of situation
    • The Magician: Unleash powerful combinations of elemental attacks as the Magician; Harness the elements & use them to inflict status effects to keep your enemies on their toes!

On the Trail

Status bar

In the top right of your screen you’ll see a status bar; this covers (From left to right) Wounds, Gold, Garbonzonia, Time, Resolve Points, Resolve Point regeneration, Dice Customization and Options

  • Wounds: The current amount of wounds you can sustain before your character takes damage.
  • Gold: Currency used for purchasing upgrades during your run.
  • Garbonzonia: Currency used for purchasing upgrades in The Lodge.
  • Time: How long you’ve been on the current run, measured in tiles traveled.
  • Resolve Points: This is your currently available Resolve points, which are used for casting abilities.
  • Resolve regeneration: This is the rate at which your Resolve points regenerate over time.
  • Dice customization: Click on this to drag & drop abilities and customize your die or dice.
  • Options: Adjust controls, graphics, audio, & gameplay settings here.


You will encounter different types of spaces on the trail; Here’s a handy guide for what they mean!

  • Skull & bones: Enemies are here, prepare for combat!
  • Treasure chest: Choose one of three dice cores as a reward! Dice cores offer additional bonuses to your dice and can be equipped via the Dice Customization tab.
  • Campire: Rest up and heal! These spaces will heal some health and recover some of your Resolve.
  • Exclamation point: These are for encounters! You never know who you may

Notes About Combat

  • Your Resolve isn’t only used for casting abilities; it acts as a shield to defend you from damage. If your resolve is depleted, you will start taking damage in the form of wounds (hearts). If you deplete your hearts, your run ends there!
  • After winning combat, you will be given the choice of gaining one additional ability. This ability is not automatically equipped, but can be equipped from the Dice customization tab.

We hope you are excited for Tamarak Trail’s full release later this year.

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