Fallout: New Vegas – Starter Tips

Beginners Tips to Start

  • Use your brain, listen to dialogue and pay attention to quests. Just because a quest points you to something, doesn’t mean you have to do the quest the way it tells you. Most quests have multiple ways of completing them that can give different rewards or affect factions differently. Some quests overlap for factions, so doing it a certain way can piss off other factions.
  • Remember you can’t do everything with one character. Quests will eventually cause you to alienate other factions and lock out other quests. So just do what your character would do.
  • You get 25 perks per character (assuming you have all the DLCs) and you get a perk every 2 levels. Perks can range from incredibly strong to incredibly weak so I’d say be careful and creative when choosing them.
  • That said, if I had to recommend one: Jury Rigging.
  • It is pretty much one of the most useful perks in the game regardless of what your character/build is – Lets you do stuff like repair power armor with metal armor (any heavy armor with any other heavy armor) and power fists with boxing tape (any unarmed with any other)
  • Would recommend grabbing it whenever you can.
  • Don’t pick up every tin can, low condition .357 revolver, BB rifle, broken armor, and other trash you come across.
  • You don’t need to carry one of every weapon. It wastes inventory space, and you’re not gonna switch from a good weapon to the .22 pistol you stole at the start of the game. Get rid of the junk.
  • If a fight’s too hard, instead of wasting resources and getting your armor broken, retreat.
  • Pick all the fruit, herbs, flowers, and other flora you come across, and try to remember where the fields are.
  • Don’t stop exploring.
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