Taiji – Solution of the Graveyard Final Puzzle

Puzzle Solution

The squares are not variables, they are a 0 and 1 on top of eachother.

What I think is the problem is that you are missing that all previous puzzles had a dot to the left or right of the sequence to indicate the reading direction.

This puzzle has a dot to the left AND right. This means that you read the sequence from left to right once, then once again from right to left. The two squares give you different possibilities, but if you pick the 0 option from left to right, you have to pick the 1 option for that square from right to left.

The possiblities:

  • 0100101 followed by 1111010
  • 0100111 followed by 1011010
  • 0101101 followed by 1110010
  • 0101111 followed by 1010010

All you have to do after that is add up the two sequences.

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