Taiji – Solution of the Puzzle in the Mine (5×5)

Puzzle Solution

How can I solve this puzzle?


  1. The white 1s can never link up, so they are all single squares. Two of them are locked on empty, so they are surrounded by filled squares.
  2. The 3 dots is now locked in between filled squares and therefore must be filled as well.
  3. The 3 now has too many squares, but that’s not a problem if you link it up with the 6 of the same colour.
  4. The previous step almost completed that colour, so the remaining blue 6 has to be made of empty squares. You can fill the top right and bottom right squares to limit this area. As a bonus you can see which square needs to be filled to complete the 3-6 area.
  5. Finish up by filling the 1 on the top left.

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