Taiji – How to Use Teleporters

How to Use Teleporters

How to use them for the people who still can’t figure it out: 

When you put the pattern of a different teleporter (those 3×3 puzzle things that show the map when solved) into any of the other teleporters it’ll take you to the one whose pattern you put in. THEN it shows you both the pattern of the one you came from and went to on all maps, but before then it just shows empty squares and an empty orange one for the one you’re on. I feel like this would have been a lot more intuitive if they always showed the pattern once solved.

Something about the Patterns for The Teleporters in Each Area

I notice that the pattern for those “teleporters” looks like something related to that area.

  • The one for the mine looks like symbol it introduces.
  • The one for the graveyard looks like a 0.
  • The one for the orchard somewhat looks like a branching tree.
  • The one for the ruins looks like a pairs of pillars fitting together.
  • The one for the shine looks like symbol it introduces.
  • The one for the gardens somewhat looks like a flower.
  • The one for the gallery looks like a house.
  • The one for the plateaus looks like a path going though the grid.
  • The one for the mine looks like symbol it introduces.
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