Survival: Fountain of Youth – Limited Number of Faints Explained

Want to know what does it change? Read the answer below.

What Means Limited Number of Faints


  • Unlimited = unlimited faints.
  • Limited = 5 total faints.
  • 1 = 1 faint.

You faint when you lose all of your health. When you faint, you respawn with 10 maximum health and you drop anything in your bag where you died.

If you lose all of your health when you have no faints remaining, you die and the game is over, and your save is deleted.

There is no known way to recharge faints. Not even with Living Water. If this is a concern to you, you should play with Unlimited Faints.

Important note: limited number of faints depends on the chosen game difficulty: easy – 8, normal – 6, hard – 4.

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