Wartales – Solution to All the Poison and Burning Issues

Here is the solution to all the poison and burning issues for some players, and make use of willpower stats.

How to Solve Poison and Burning Issues

Reformat the way this system works by forcing it to use the Willpower stat, since this stat isn’t used much at all.

High willpower means more resistance against damaging status afflictions.

Since it caps out at 15+ buffs, maybe we can do it like this:


  • Poison deducts 5% HP per turn. Lasts Forever. Stacks.
  • Burning deducts 15% HP per turn. Lasts Forever.
  • Bleeding deducts 20% HP per turn. Lasts Forever.

Willpower can be used to reduce the effect of these for a period until it stacks and overwhelms it:

  • Each point of willpower reduces status damage by 2% per point. So lv15 Willpower gives you a reduction of 30% off the HP loss when you end turn, to a minimum of 1 damage.
  • If you have a bear with 300 HP, each turn of being bleed would normally make it lose 20% (60 HP) of health.
  • But if this bear has 15 points in Willpower, that 60 HP damage is reduced by 18 damage, becoming 42 damage.

What if it’s on fire?

300 HP takes a loss of 45 damage per turn. 15 Willpower reduces by 13.5 (rounded up) damage, so 14 damage. You would lose 31 HP per turn when on fire.

Finally, making it so Willpower protects you from dropping below 1 HP like a normal attack if you have 15 Willpower, from status damage, so long as you have more than 1 HP.

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