Hunt the Night – Boss Fight Tips

How to Defeat the Boss

First Phase:

  • The purple spin attack looks super flashy but the amount of time that the attack actually uses to, well, attack, is a lot shorter than it looks while the rest of it locks them into an animation that leaves them open for a moment. Try dodging through it and counterattacking them while they’re still in lag animation.
  • The three hit combo is much more dangerous, but the distance traveled on it sucks, so you can probably hit them after the third strike safely.
  • The dash attack’s hitbox is ridiculously large, but if you dodge sideways or towards them when it happens, you’ll avoid the worst of it. If you land in a good spot, you can also counter them immediately afterwards.
  • The fog attack is mostly just a means for distracting you so that you won’t see them preparing a dash attack in the cloud if you’re not watching them carefully. Technically, it also zones you into a smaller area, but the boss doesn’t actually bother to position itself in an ideal spot if it is not in one, so it will most likely not be the main issue.
  • The purple spin attack, the dash attack, and the whole fog spewing animation leave just enough time afterwards to pop a heal in place of counterattacking. Beware though, if you’re healing too far away from them, they’ll most likely fire a dash off.
  • The regular fire attack is just there to keep you moving, but the main threat is when they will immediately launch into another melee attack right after finishing the fire animation.

Second Phase:

  • All the attacks gain some additional range of movement, move faster, and hit harder, but the same principles still apply here. Burst damage is a lot more valuable in this mode though since it will end the fight faster.
  • If your screen is lit up properly, you will not be too inconvenienced by the darkness. It is not necessarily required to use the roses to light everything up, but it might influence the boss’ behavior to be less aggressive? I would have to do the fight more to be sure of it.
  • The mass fire attack’s wind up time is so long that it’s pretty safe to heal as soon as the circles start to appear.

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