Subnautica – Tips for New Players About the Cyclops

For people that are moving bases or are scared of exploring deep waters, Cyclops is their best option.

Cyclops Tips

Cyclops is a mobile base for the Prawn. Also a mobile base. Seriously, learn how to maneuver it and how to deal with leviathans with it (Seriously, just sit still and they’ll often ignore you).

Once you learn how to deck it out as a base, you’ll barely need a standard, immobile seabase if at all.

Actual tips

  1. Use the cameras when driving it. It’s very hard to see out of the main window, the cameras make a massive difference with navigation.
  2. Build all the essentials for a base inside as soon as you can — fabricator, pots with plants for food/water, lockers for storage, a chair for reading. Even things like a modification station and bed have some use.
  3. Take the Prawn with you by docking it.
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