Crab Champions – How to Reload Saved Progress

Guide to Reload Saved Progress


In the main menu, next to the “begin run” should be a blue icon (crossed swords, i think). That’s your “load saved game”.

If you don’t see those Blue icon then read below.

It does not appear if you die.

You must reach a Shop or Boss in order to receive a “Resume” option.

Try this

  • Reach a Shop or Elite level.
  • Pause the game.
  • Return to Lobby Island.
  • Go to the campaign clearing. You will now see TWO (2) bubbles instead of ONE (1).
  1. (Left) ORANGE – “New Run” bubble.
  2. (Right) BLUE – “Resume Run” bubble.

You may now choose the “Resume” (blue) portal to continue where you left off.

Have a Crabby Day everyone!

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  1. What if you have a Resume Run button and then join someone else’s lobby, and come back – will your resume run button still be there?
    Person A hosts a game and plays to level 120 with person B. They save and quit.
    Person A then goes and joins a game that person C is hosting.
    Can Person A then Resume their original game with Person B?

    And if so, what about if person B hosts a game, then tries to rejoin person A’s hosted game? There is no info about this anywhere…

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