State of Decay 2 – Melee Execution Tips

The executes are tied to the fighting specialization/weapon and Powerhouse.

Tips to Melee Execution

There is a basic execute with the close combat weapon that all characters have regardless of specializations: when you’re behind a zombie, even an aggroing one, pressing execute will result in that you grab the zombie’s neck, press it towards your chest and use the CC weapon to stab its brain.

With Heavy Melee weapons there are two execute animations: one where you are standing by the zombie’s head, and the execute is then lifting and slamming the HMW on its head, crushing it. The other is used when you’re standing over a downed zombie’s body. It is a roundhouse swing that knocks down any zombies approaching you from the front and sides.

With Swordplay there are two frontal execute animations; They are:

  1. Grab the zombie’s head with one hand and then decapitate with the other.
  2. The same, but now two attempts to decapitate. With bladed weapons (pre-specialization), when the zombie is downed, there is a slow execute where you hack their head and then spend some time dragging the sword through the skull.

With Swordplay. when you’re behind them, there is also a slow execute where you do the same, hack and drag to get the sword loose. I think the execution of a standing zombie from behind uses the blade rather than the CC weapon.

With blunt weapons, there are two execute animations: one quick golf swing, one of the best in the game. The other is a slow head crush using the weapon’s mid-section – it’s one of the worst. The latter should only be initiated when there are no zombies aggroing you nearby, if you have Striking. Pre-specialization and with Endurance, blunt weapons have a random chance to do either.

The Close Combat specialization unlocks a new execute: a quick stab in the zombie’s brain while hunching over the downed zombie. It also unlocks a frontal execute; the zombie is dragged down towards you and to the side, and you then stomp its head. This execute is also unlocked with Powerhouse while using a Heavy Melee weapon. Executions from behind with CC spec is a quck stab to the top of the zeds head.

Maxed-out Stealth unlocks a new stealth kill. It’s a quick stab to the back of their skulls with the CC weapon. The regular stealth kill is that you grab the zombie from behind, dragging it to the ground and then stab the brain with the CC.

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