State of Decay 2 – How to Kill Hostile NPC (Lethal or Nightmare)

Tips to Kill Hostile NPC

When you manage to down them, that’s when you have to be agressive and go close up and get in headshots in quick succession. Fire rate is key there, so go with semi-auto, burst or even full-auto to finish them off.

The way that hostile NPCs are killed is the same way you are killed. It’s not the health bar that counts, but the trauma/injury bar. It’s when that one is zero that they die. Injuries or trauma stacks up qucker the higher calibre of gun, and higher damage (Brakes etc.). Note that when they get back up again, they regain a chunk of Health, and you have to start all over again… just like you.

I, however, usually just draw in hordes and have the zombies kill them, or kill them with my car.

Gas nades are the savest way if you can aim properly and they dont have to much space to avoid it. Another save strat is a headshot with a 0.5 anti material rifle like the timerwolf, one shot, one kill….

In the start its pure atrosity, bring them down several times, each time lowers there max health until they die from no open healthbar left. And for heavens sake, try to avoid close combat, you are the one who get pummeld to death than. If you have npc at your side let them deal with that.

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