Space Engineers – How to Get Water in the Desert

Tips to Get Water from Ice and Else

Firstly the cool way to address no more ice is to turn my pod into an atmosphere ship and use that to go get ice somewhere.

That is good way, a lot like to upgrade the Drop Pod by adding thrusters on all sides to explore faster.

Once completed = Just go up to have a better view and you should see a ice lake closeby.

I usually grind that Drop Pod to build my first station, 4 Wind Turbines + Survival Kit to respawn and refine stones, and use my character hand Drill to collect all I need into the soil around me.

I use my character to find ores first and later on will build a Tiny scout ship using a few blocks.

Tiny scout ship example:

Don’t forget to create GPS coords, at least your station and ore spots, we get lost fast without GPS coords.

Gameplay tips

  • When in the desert, look for stands of green grass and trees in random locations.
  • This usually means that there is ice, just below the surface.
  • The larger the ‘green area’, the larger the ice deposit.
  • These ‘oases’ can usually be found in somewhat shaded canyons, not so much in the open desert.
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