Space Engineers – Beginners Tips to Create World

That is easy to do but I recommend to try all the world advanced settings to find the ones you like the most and publish that save in your Workshop. This way you will never have to redo your Favorite world advanced settings, you will never lose that save and be able to load/start new from any PC where you login

How to Create World (in Tips)

Set the world on creative mode the very first time you create it, disable all NPCs and the option named Economy on creating the world, load to setup your start, save/exit to enable all in, set survival and publish it on your Workshop.

We can take control of where we want to spawn, a good trick to build the Respawn station at a easy Biome first and avoid lightning problems on start.

Hit F5 while in the First respawn ship to respawn at another area.

If that F5 trick is not working, happens when playing with “Auto-respawn” enabled and/or “Auto-save” enabled:

  1. Turn OFF the Survival Kit on the Drop Pod (so you will not auto respawn there).
  2. Hit the backspace key to “kill” your character and open the Respawn screen.
  3. Select the same Drop Pod to land at another area.
  4. Redo the above till you land at a Easy Biome or Rich ore spot of the game.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Rich ore spots = Where all ores can be found close to each other, some areas have all ores within 1 Km.
  • Easy Biome = Where the Ore Detector block is not needed because we can see the ore spots with the naked eye on the soil and no “Bad weather” so no lightning.
  • Medium Biome = Green grass Biomes because it is harder to see the ore spots on the soil and those have lightning that can damage your creations where you will have to build lightning Rods and Safe Zone (station shield).
  • Hard Biome = Where there are more lightnings with bad weather and where the ore Detector block is needed.

I also recommend to enable “Experimental” in game options to unlock all world advanced settings and be able to disable the option named “Block limit”.

You will not be able to build on all planets, moons and space if you play with “Block limit” enabled, you have to join with 4-6 players to build on all planets so better disable the Block limit if you play alone or with a friend.

Keep in mind we have 2 game modes:

  1. Default Safe mode = Made to have a better MP perfo but limited where server admins can control the Perfo, also able to change that limit that is used to be fair in PVP scenarios.
  2. Experimental mode = All in + unlocks all World advanced settings + can add Mods + can enable Scripts + can disable the “Block limit” + adds “Share inertia tensor” and unlock impulse axis on piston.

Another good tip

  • Auto-Respawn ON = We respawn automatically at the closest Medic Room or Survival Kit when the character is killed.
  • Auto-Respawn OFF = We can use Medic Rooms or Survival Kits as “teleport” system.
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