Soulmask – How to Deter (Tame) Vagabonds

Guide on How to Deter (Tame) Vagabonds (NPCs, Barbarians, Slaves, Thralls)…

…however you fancy calling them!

Approach any tribesman camp and lower their HP down to 10%. You will see the Deter option Appear, press E on the NPC and they will faint on the ground.

Now I do recommend patching them back up, so place a bandage inside their inventory and click it to heal them. It is only nice after the damage you had caused to the poor soul, repent, say a prayer and proceed to carry them back home.

Lay them on a safe spot inside your base and force feed them any Soup meals. Force feeding them works the same as with the bandage. Broth is the easiest to craft. 2 or 3 is more than enough.

Once their Recognition goes up to 500, you will be able to recruit them and put them to work. Make sure you feed, water them, and gear them up accordingly.

They are on your full care now and they depend on you. Keep them happy or they will abandon you and run for their freedom.

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