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Education Explanatory Guide

How education works has changed a bit over time. Here’s how I currently understand it.

Employees gain two different types of upgrades as they gain experience: skill and specializations (stars). They gain skill in the general category (leadership, design, programming, etc.). As they gain experience, they fill up the bars in the upper right of their detail screen. When the bar is full they gain a point for a specialization in that category.

The only way to spend that point is to send them off for education. The menu is designed to allow you to send multiple employees for the same training at once by choosing the category and specific specialization. That’s a bit of a nuisance at times, so there is a short cut.

You can simply click on the star you want with an employee selected, and it will queue up the classes for that employee. If they have one star and you click on the third star, they need two classes, and the game will queue them up one after another, spending the requisite money to pay for them when it does. The employee doesn’t actually gain his or her star until the class is completed.

A few warnings are worth noting.

  1. Leaders can handle education needs for you but only if they have at least two stars and you set up the limits in the HR tab of the teams menu. It has to be done separately for each team.
  2. Every employee has a limited number of maximum specializations in each category. Be careful about your choices because you can’t undo a specialization later. The exception to this is when a character has the Big Brain trait. Every employee has a specialty (their primary category of skill), and a character with a Big Brain can learn every specialization in his or her specialty.

I hope that helps.

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