Outward – Quests Tips for Beginners

Beginners Tips to Quests

  • Almost all main quests have a hidden timer, also the factions parallel quests.
  • This means: don’t join a faction until you have explored the map and know how to get quick to the other areas.
  • Visit all capitals and the trainers, figure out what skills and breakpoints you want.
  • Spend some time to learn food recipes, that’s very important. Learn how to deal with status effects, poison, hot and cold weather, how to cure diseases, all this basic staff.
  • After joining a faction you’ll get the factions main quests. That follows always the same order: someone will tell you to talk to a certain NPC “in 3 days”. And this 3 days are infinite, it means during this time, and ONLY during this time you have time to do something else in your game. As soon as you speak to the mentioned person, the faction quest with hidden timer will start. Then also listen what the NPCs tell about other important events, because mostly another quest will start, also with hidden timer. They’ll mention it is urgent, but won’t tell you how many days you have.
  • Then you have to focus on this one main quest, and the possible side quest and finish them both, mostly that are 30 or 40 days.
  • After you’re done and report to the questgiver, he’ll tell you again to talk “in 3 days” to a certain NPC. And this is infinite time again, and you can do other stuff.
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