Slime Rancher 2 – Ringtail Slime Tip

Ringtail Slime Tip

This will include some spoilers so please continue at your own risk!

We in the clear? Good, let’s begin!

As a small fyi, I have only found one ringtail slime so far, so I’ll be talking about this one specifically;

How do you acquire a ringtail slime? Simple! First, make sure you have a free spot in your inventory. Then go to the sea area where you can also find rock slimes. If you look around enough, you’ll find a small ringtail slime statue, standing on a white-ish cube. Pick it up and look at the ground. There, you’ll see a few stony patches that will lead you to the “goal”. However to get to the other white-ish cube, you’ll first have to open the rock slime gate cave, by shooting a rock slime port in to the statue’s mouth. That will cause the gate to open, similiar to the arch in Slime Rancher 1! Once in the cave, place the ringtail slime statue on to the other cube and voila! A ringtail slime! Suck it up and bring it back to the Conservatory!

So, after obtaining the ringtail slime by carrying it’s statue in to the rock slime gate cave, you can now either fuse it, or keep it as it is in a corral. However, during the day, the ringtail slime will turn back in to a statue. What to do? Just wait till it turns night! In the night, the ringtail slime will un-statue itself and begin producing plorts once fed. Luckily, they eat all foods, meaning you’ll have an easier time to convince it to eat something to get a plort out of it. The ringtail slime does NOT have a favourite food, so any sort of food is fine. Now I have my ringtail slime fused with a hunter slime and feeding it leftover roosters (favourite hunter slime food) from my coop, resulting in double the amount of plorts!

Now about the whole “turning in to a statue in daylight” thing. This can simply be avoided by putting a sunprotection net on to the corral! The same one you would use to keep phosphor slimes outside of caves.

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