SIGNALIS – Useful Tips for Beginners

New Player Tips

To preserve ammo (especially if you run into a boss), keep aiming at enemies until the targeting square shrink as much as it can. This will deal more damage.

The pistol is a weak weapon in survival mode. You’ll get good mileage out of stun prods (an instant takedown for most enemies) and stronger guns.

I think that’s the tips I’d start with. But on a side note, did you know there are different inventory settings? If you complete the game on the survival difficulty with the “classic” inventory (both need to be enabled before starting), you get an achievement.

Do keep in mind that survival mode is the hardest difficulty, and stat-wise it’s a notable jump over the standard difficulty. If you feel like turning it down later on, don’t feel like you failed in some way. It’s important to enjoy the first playthrough.

About avoiding enemies

If an enemy has chased you and you exit to another room, the enemy will return to their normal patrol if you wait some time. Try to give them a moment, otherwise they might still be waiting next to the door when you return.

You can sneak past many enemies by slowly walking out of their sight, sometimes by hugging south walls (you can go surprisingly low on the screen sometimes). But if that fails, you can also just run past some enemies if the room is wide enough.

But if an enemy is blocking your way in a tight space, it’s probably best to kill them.

Their sight distance from the front varies sometimes. Generally, you should aim to stay behind them. Getting too close to their back will also alert them, but you should have time to use a stun prod if that was your plan.

Aside from that, enemies will be alerted quicker if you sprint, so walk slowly to avoid detection. When you get the flashlight, it will also give away your position if it’s on.

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