How to Solve the SWORD Puzzle

First, you have to found the document near the surgical suite door. It’s a big tip!

Here’s the solution you want:

Let’s assume your document looks like this:

And the numbers you get on the frequency are, let’s say, 56860.

In that case the answer would be:

  • S R ? R E

The unknown letter is always F.

So the answer is S R F R E.

Replace with your own numbers that you got on the sword frequency and letters you have in your own document (since both of those are randomized) and you should be set.

Where Can I Find the Frequency Document?

You find the frequency document earlier in the game in the mining quarters, the previous level.

Frequencies are randomized each time. You need to open your own document to check what it is. Then you connect to the Sword Frequency (in case of my document 225.000), get the numbers from it, and then translate these numbers using the Sword document you find near the surgery door.


  • Step 1: Connect to the Sword Frequency found in the Frequencies document you should’ve obtained earlier.
  • Step 2: Get the numbers from it.
  • Step 3: Compare those numbers to the SWORD document you find in the hospital near the door leading to the surgical suite, the one that requires 5 keycards. The missing letter is always F.
  • Step 4: Input the resulting letters into the safe.

If you somehow missed the document (in which case I assume you also bruteforced the Tree safe? The one with the card to the elevator that allowed you to get to the hospital in the first place), you can simply try the last frequency that gives you any numbers, should be somewhere around 220 and 250.

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  1. Ok I got it. I jotted down all the numbers yielded by the frequencies. My biggest problem was that had I forgotten about the note with the codewords (e.g. sword, moon, sun, scales, tree, rook). So I was trying to translate the numbers to the keypad but that would be impossible since you need to know which letters correspond to which numbers. I wonder from a puzzle design POV if there would have been a better cue to remind the player of this older note. I frankly don’t even remember where I acquired it, or that I even had it. Maybe it would have been more beneficial to have left it in that specific room with the wall safe instead of the note that I’ve seen repeated about the warning that a replicant was leaking the code. I dig the logic of the puzzle, but was lost by the placement of the clue.

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