Ship of Fools – How to Beat Pufferfish

Tips to Beat Pufferfish

If you play the game a bit longer you will notice that there is only a certain number of possible enemy groups and when you see the first long line of exploding fish you know there will be more. They come from alternating sides of the ship, 8 waves should be the maximum iirc.

To answer the question how to beat them: Kill any one of them. Aim for one, it will blow up and take all of the others with it. If your weapons are too weak to kill a puffer fish before it is so close that it damages your ship your run was probably going to fail anyways.

Acknowledge that these fish are the single most dangerous enemy in this kind of encounter and get ready to deal with them. Put a cannon on both sides of the boat or, if you are playing solo, switch the cannon to the other side of the boat and load it up as soon as the first fish explodes.

They may have gotten you once or twice now and I understand that you are angry to have lost in this way but I don’t think you will be killed by them again.

I like those waves, to be honest, they represent a large number of enemies that you can kill very quickly which, given the right items, can net you a lot of gold.

Oh, and, get ready to encounter these fish but with a bit more health again during the final encounter of your run!

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