Wartales – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here you can find few useful tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keeping companions close during camp but not in the tent will quickly award them relationship points.
  • Prisoners escape percantage are affected by three things: an injury lowers it by 20%, a close free member of the troop lowers it by 20% and a guard in the guard post lowers it by 10%
  • ‘Close free member’ includes animals and companions working at a station as long as the station is not between them and the prisoner.
  • Creepers can be caught as prisoners and seem to count as normal humans for pretty much everything (did not test it too much cause they suck).
  • You can respec for 500 gold at the brotherhood temple after you reached lvl 5 in the red prestige (fame and glory?) tab.
  • There are hidden class specializations. So fat I found only one: Halberdier in Athras by doing the quest at the church in the main town.
  • There is a ‘hidden’ arena in Athras. You need to use a piton to climb down to the shore where you can see a cave close to the brotherhood base. That cave leads to an island with the arena.
  • Resources in mines, mills and farmsteads respawn, an easy way to keep iron and wood stocked.

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