Volcano Princess – How to Get the Fight Stats Up

Levelling Fight Stats Tips

It actually is raising but it’s point by point. If you open the character combat stats page, there’s a question mark you can press to see the formula the game uses.

Combat stats are main based on stamina+mind with a few bonuses for charm.

Just keep leveling up stamina. It is a slow process and in your first run it isn’t strange to be too weak to finish the first dungeon in the first months, that is, until you have more people to come with you. It takes a while.

By far the best to improve the combat stats is buying new gear in the city, but that required money. So you should probably focus on part-time jobs and the farm while you’re still trying to get better gear.

Note: Strength doesn’t affect any of your combat stats, it’s only a requirement to finish courses that increases STAMINA. It’s a bit misleading, but once you see strength isn’t the main stat, but the requirement to get more stamina, then all fits together.

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