Slay the Spire – How to Beat Gary

Tips to Beat Gary

Gary can be a pain

The best advice I can give is plan out your turn and look at your deck to try to predict what your curve will look like for the following turn if you’re getting close to the 12 card counter.

So lets say you’re playing Ironclad and the only cards left in your deck are 2 costs and a 1 cost and you don’t have any energy relics so you’re sitting at 3 energy each turn.

You can probably risk going up to 9 or 10 on the counter since you’ll likely only be able to play 2 cards that turn anyway.

Try to stick to only playing a few cards per turn and only what you need to play in that turn (3-5 cards depending on your hand) unless you already have the setup and damage output (like say shivs with accuracy and wrist blade relic so they’re doing 12+ damage each) to just not care about the card count.

One other tip, he always has the intent to heal to half the turn after he drops below half health.

So if you can’t burst him the rest of the way down that next turn it’s usually better to just set yourself up for the next turn or just pass.

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