Secret World Legends – Best Class for Beginner (Solo Questing)

Best Class for Beginner

At the stage where you select a class, you have the opportunity to review each of the options. If memory serves, pistol/chaos was what the game judged easiest.

It was indeed easiest. because it contains all the abilities needed to solo well, and very easy for a new player to obtain all of them. If you’ve played other MMOs, it basically combines tanking, dps, and a heal and all the abilities you need to solo well.

The main story line often requires you to do content that requires a mix of tanking, dps, and healing. Probably there are other builds that do that as well.

If you don’t think that you’ll ever want to be a dedicated healer, avoid the healing weapons at first (assault rifle, blood, and fist). Leveling up their passives includes substituting Heal Rating instead of Attack Rating. It all washes out later when you’ve learned them all. I’m a big fan of AR and blood because of their range, but if you’re soloing, one hit to a mob and they are within melee range of you. And probably doesn’t make a bit of difference when soloing, since then you need their healing abilities as well.

Whereas the healing I get from pistol has been sufficient, and has no heal rating in its passives. But I have obtained Heal Rating from AR and blood before, so I don’t know.

I.E. whatever you choose, don’t specialize at first, unless you know what you are doing. SWL/TSW broke from the usual MMO format in that regard.

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