Captain of Industry – Power Generation Explained

Tips for Power Generation

Turbine produces mechanical power, not electricity. you need to connect power generator to it. Just slap them into a line, order doesn’t even matter. Each of the starter turbines support 2 generators to you can line up like 2 turbines and 4 gens.

Research mechanical power storage and you can be more efficient with it by storing excess mechanical power too.

Note you can chain turbines and generators together, one coal boiler will feed 2 turbines which feed for 360MW generators. It doesn’t seem to matter which order you assemble them, can go turbine > turbine > generator > generator > generator > generator > or I guess could put 2 generators in the middle. I found that setup worked well enough, have 3 of them now.

Don’t run out of water though, power goes down and the pumps stop and no water to make power, it took a lot of pausing stuff to get the power from the few diesel generators I had running to restart the water system, and by that time all my chickens had died.

Tip: Use multiple tanks for water and put the first one on an alert if it empties out. That way, it will warn you and you still have a buffer to react with.

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