Depersonalization – Useful Tips for New Players

Useful Tips

Lies and Fruad always do rose princess fro flower of blood first than when you deal with sloth in Glicth world you already won.

Also press C for Clue and it will tell you what you need or clue you need to interact with item or NPC.

You can kill Tindalos with yith gun for saya and Dps build you also need Beast in the shadow mythos item so you can survival fatal attack and use white pill that increase Con in Tindalos fight.

Pure Dps build is best for beginner imo just go for SK than you can kill anything in main ending of each chapter.

Detective build with dps is also good when you get merder and if you high mystic badge is also good for melee you can find both from townsend if you go for branch ending.

I rarely ran a spell build but i heard that it is kinda op most of the time i just go for pure DPS build or full charisma build min-maxing is no go for now too few chapters to take advantage of that so it more fun to RP and inheritance once choose will mark a character as clear for select chapter and for something like tips

Save your luck for something more important, not all successful check will bring enough benefit that justifies the luck used and not every failed check is bad it save your sanity sometimes.

Every boss can be defeated with the used of the right item and there is always an item or clue in the same chapter that will help you if you can find it.

Everything that involves mystic not messes with it if you are not confident in your skill.

And something like does not underestimate craft rune or item it can flip the table in your favour.

A rope is op bring 1.

Idk if I can type anything more that will not involve any specfic boss.

I use my detective to win mini-boss with concealment with explosive and burning cause she sucks at fighting lol.

I always use merder with my detective with expose debuff she hit kinda hard after i bring her fight stats up.

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