Risk of Rain 2 – Huntress Tips

Huntress: How to Play

Crits. Her alternate primary fire (where she fires three arrows) has a broken interaction with crits that the devs either missed, or (more likely) just decided to leave in.

Usually a crit should double the damage of an attack, but with her alternate fire she instead fires six arrows. The thing is, all six of those arrows still deal double damage. So she’s essentially getting quadruple damage.

Ideally you want nine lens makers glasses, plus a harvesters scythe and predatory instincts. this will give you 100% crit chance plus a ton of healing and attack speed. You might need the artifact of command, but honestly, IMO it’s a trap. Standing still usually means death. It’s preferable to just use printers.

Other than that you’re really just looking for mobility. Goats hoofs, hopoo feathers, etc.

The most important thing is to always stay moving and don’t linger too long. The biggest enemy in this game is time, by a wide margin. When I was doing Huntress eclipse runs, basically the rule is you have hit the first teleporter at 2 minutes. You need to be at the third stage before 10, otherwise the run is already lost. She’s too squishy and enemy health and damage ramp up too quickly for her to keep pace.

Stacking backup magazines on her can be incredibly strong early, but it falls off a bit later in the run and the cast animation can be a pain when things start getting hectic.

Her strafe attack does better damage than flurry until (I think) around 20% crit chance, so it’s more reliable if you’re not getting lucky with drops.

I highly recommend unlocking her phase blink if you haven’t already. It makes her feel much more fluid and easier to play. You just need to carry 12 crowbars at once which is easy enough on drizzle difficulty or if you have the artifact of command.

Flurry can also be easily unlocked using the artifact of kin and the artifact of swarms if you just keep restarting till you get wisps.

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