Deadlink – How to Beat Trinary Iskra as Hunter

Hunter Tips to Defeat Trinary Iskra

Some tips for the 1st phase

  • Stay close to Iskra. It’s easier to get to a safe quadrant when both the left and right neighboring quadrants are within a dash away.
  • Watch the pattern. Each quadrant will be activated in a certain order and will stay activated until two other quadrants are activated. Pay attention to which quadrant will be deactivated next.
  • Escape sandwiches. Most of the time, the quadrant pattern will result in one quadrant being activated while both neighboring quadrants are also activated. Because only two quadrants can be activated at the same time, one of the neighboring quadrants will shortly be deactivated. However, to completely avoid taking damage, try using the switchback translocator on a C-Ball or Sputnik drone. (As soldier; the gripwire, as juggernaut; the graviton punch, and as engineer; the wormlink will provide a default speed boost even without the shell upgrade) Once you’re in the air, dash towards the soon-to-be deactivated quadrant and double jump to avoid getting shocked entirely.
  • Just shoot Iskra. If you’re having trouble avoiding damage, you can tank a bit of damage to be able to focus fire on Iskra.

For the 4th phase

  • Prioritize the Dyatlov Emitter. Sometimes the Dyatlov Emitter will activate before you’ve destroyed the Siberian Protocol. (Don’t know if I’m remembering the names correctly) Because the Siberian Protocol is easier to dodge than the emitter, you can (mostly) safely ignore it.
  • Gather shields. When the platforms shift, sometimes there will be a place you can stand to completely avoid the lasers. You can target drones during this to ensure that you can take hits from the Dyatlov Emitter once the platforms shift again.
  • Foolish to challenge a god. I am ascending. In the afterlife you won’t be free of me! I will be with you until the sun and stars are no more. Feel the fire of God! It’s just a laser!
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