Hunt: Showdown – Tips and Tricks

Tips for Players

  • What I would advise more than anything else, is to ping the enemy’s location when you spot or are fighting with someone so your teammates do not need to spend extra time trying to locate what you are shooting at. It also helps that if you die…we know exactly where your killer is and that would boost the chances of our survival.

Take your teammate’s loadout and position into consideration when choosing how/when to push

  • When I’m playing Mosin and pistol and you’re pushing into close quarters with your shotgun, right into a duo that’s also running shotguns, I can’t back you up. I am not in a positon to push after you, while the enemy has a huge loadout advantage on me, meaning you just wasted yourself for pretty much nothing, leaving me in a very bad spot to 1v2 from.

Know when to be offensive defensive or even just run

  • You get players who are too scared to do anything while others just want to rush in first thing without a plan both end up miserably.

Learn when revive can and should be done and do it

  • Lot of people seem to try and 1 v 3 and get creamed when they had many clear revive opportunities and didn’t take them.


  • If someone is shooting at you from a distance with a pistol, it means they have a shotgun/bow/crossbow and you should treat them accordingly.
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